In 1974 the Elizabethtown/Hardin County Ministerial Association assumed sponsorship of Helping Hand and continues in that capacity today. Helping Hand is governed by a 13-member Board of Directors. Four are elected each year and serve a three-year term.

Board members are selected from the community by a Nominating Committee of the board with the approval of the entire board and the Elizabethtown/Hardin County Ministerial Association. The final member of the board is the President of the Elizabethtown / Hardin County Ministerial Association each year.

In addition to the Board of Directors the Helping Hand's onsite staff includes an:

Executive Director

Assistant Director

Office Assistant

Clothing Room Supervisor

Furniture Shed Supervisor

The work of the Helping Hand of the Heartland would not be possible without the assistance of our numerous volunteers that aide in the implementation of so many of our programs.