Helping Hand of the Heartland maintains a number of programs to assist those in need. Providing food, clothing, transportation assistance and adult education are but a few of the many programs available through Helping Hand.

If you would like more information regarding Helping Hand and its programs or would like to get involved please contact our office at 270-769-3092.

If you are currently in need of assistance from Helping Hand, for your convenience you can now download an Application for Assistance. Please click here for the application and fill it out and bring it with you to our office during regular business hours. Any questions regarding the application or the process can be addressed by calling our office or when you come in.


Food is donated by the public and purchased by Helping Hand and then is given to those who request it.

In-kind Items

Helping Hand receives items from the public and gives these items free of charge to the clients.  Such items include, but are not limited to:

  • clothing
  • personal hygiene products
  • household items
  • baby needs
  • school supplies
  • furniture

Financial Assistance

Using a voucher system, we provide financial assistance to clients in paying such things as:

  • utility bills
  • rent
  • prescriptions
  • child care
  • educational books and supplies


Helping Hand receives used vehicles from the public and gives these free of charges to clients who need transportation to work.

Transient Help

We provide food and transportation to the next large city where a transient may find shelter. If they are driving, we give them a gasoline voucher. If they are not driving, we give them a bus ticket. Depending of circumstances, we may provide overnight lodging in a local motel.

Thanksgiving Meal

Every year Helping Hand partners with St. James Catholic Church and other area churches to provide a cooked meal on Thanksgiving Day to people who would be eating alone or who would not have food for a meal. The people may eat-in at the St. James School Cafeteria or have the meal delivered to their home. This year we fed over 850 people.

Christmas Basket Program

Each year we give food, toys, and clothes to low-income residents in our area. Families wanting to receive this help complete an application on which they are able to put the child(ren)'s wish list. Local churches, clubs, the Elizabethtown Fire Department, and concerned individuals help deliver these baskets before Christmas.  This past Christmas we gave to nearly 900 families.

Helping Hand To Work

This is a program to train clients in life skills and job skills that will enable them to find and keep meaningful employment. Some of the classes being offered include:

  • basic hygiene and health
  • job search and applications
  • adult basic education (reading, writing, and math)
  • essential job skills
  • interviews and first impressions
  • resumé writing
  • budgeting and money management
  • employment testing/certification
  • teamwork
  • communication skills for the workplace
  • critical thinking and problem solving

Clients are given clothing appropriate to the job, free haircuts/hairstyling, and gift certificates to prepare them to enter the workforce. For this program we have partnered with First Citizens Bank who provided grant funding, several area businesses, and a local beauty shop.